24 Hour Drain and Waste Service

Cleaning Services

General Clean ups
We also offer a service that includes clean ups of areas that sees a lot of human traffic. For example the outside of nightclubs and pubs (we have all gone past them on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night out and tip toed around dubious looking puddles). We can now steam away the dirt and grime including body fluids, irradiating any odour and bacteria, using only biodegradable detergents so we are eco friendly.

Popular for:

  • Local Authority
  • Public Houses & Nightclubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • Bus/Train Stations
  • High Street
  • Airports
  • Hospitals

Did you also know we clean up after overflowed sewers, flood damage etc?

Gum Removal
Remove those awful black gum patches from your paved areas, without interfering with the normal run of everyday life, especially good in shopping centers and high streets.
Removed through steam and small amount of eco friendly detergent. All water used is  vacuumed up which reduces the risk of ‘trip and slip’!

Graffiti Removal

With the use of pressure washing cleaning equipment and non hazardous graffiti removal detergents we can quickly and effectively remove unsightly graffiti, and doing so enhance your surroundings.

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