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Tank Emptying

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Septic Tank Emptying
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Drain Cleaning

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Here you can find information on all the drain and waste services we offer. Maintenance contracts can be arranged around your needs and budget.

F.E.S. is registered with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water Services Ltd as approved waste carrier.

All staff are fully trained in confined spaces and New Road and Street works, and carry the relevant Health and Safety equipment to complete the task in hand.

Commercial & Domestic Services

  • Septic Tanks
  • Grease Traps Emptied
  • Interceptors and Gullies
  • Wash down bays and Car washes
  • Treatment Plants desludged and Services


Jetting and CCTV Services

Sewer Surveying and Mapping Services
FES can provide two types of sewer inspection services. In larger diameter pipes and culverts, manual inspection is carried out. Where the drain is inaccessible or too dangerous for an engineer to enter, a CCTV camera can be used for pipes from 65mm up to 1200mm in diameter. With both types of surveys a full report and DVD (where applicable) is presented which will detail the condition of the system.

High Pressure Jetting
The most cost effective means of cleaning sewers, drains and culverts. High Pressure Jetting can be used not only for clearing blockages and removal of silt and debris for the pipe system but also for cutting tree roots for joints and cracks in old pipe work before relining.

High pressure jetting can be used for cleaning brick or concrete hard standings, garage forecourts, paths and patios when using a rota wash or hand lance.

Factories, storage sheds and tanks can also be cleaned with our extension lance which can reach up to 7.5m, this eliminates the need for a cherry picker or scaffolding and keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

Pumping station

Pumping Station Wet Wells
The provision of dedicated equipment and a planned program of cleaning will ensure that your wet well is cleaned in an effective manner, cutting down the risk of pump damage and excessive wear, and therefore minimising risk of down time of the pump station.

Mini Sewage Treatment Plants
We offer two types of package, for your small sewage plant. One to clean and test the effectiveness for final effluent in to water courses and the second is to clean, test and run the plant for the customer with weekly checks of the plant and final effluent. Both packages will report any faults or repairs needed to operate the plant to Environment agency standards for discharging to water courses.

Site Maintenance
Grass cutting, weed control and rodent control are just some of the services we can provide around buildings, pumping stations, treatments plants and river banks.

Safety Signs
Also installing safety awareness signs and locking bars which can be custom made to make the environment that you live or work in a better and safer place to be.

Gum Removal
Remove those awful black gum patches from your paved areas, without interfering with the normal run of everyday life, especially good in shopping centers and high streets.
Removed through steam and small amount of eco friendly detergent. All water used is  vacuumed up which reduces the risk of ‘trip and slip’!

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